Sit back and get comfortable. We aren’t in a hurry around here.

Set the Table

What can I do with such inconsolable homesickness for a place I have never been? Now and then I am beset with a melancholy longing for the world beyond this one. A longing to enter into those gates, given entry not by what I have done, but by a covering of crimson blood that washesContinue reading “Set the Table”

And Peter

“but go, tell His disciples and Peter…” Mark 16:7 I sat at the small wooden table, staring blankly out the window. The golden glimmer of dawn crept over the horizon, and gave me the first whispered promise of the light to come. I knew that I should be grateful for the start of a newContinue reading “And Peter”

Some Electric Beyond

Today I thought I would share some poetry on the blog. This is a little piece I wrote after the office coffee pot decided its life was over. I hope you enjoy! I am hurt and now also deprived, Warm and black it came to me, Bitter and yet the stuff of life. Companion inContinue reading “Some Electric Beyond”

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